First Water Sports Center in the Heart of the City

In collaboration with its partner Wake up Adventure, Jalboot has created a watersports center that offers a wide range of exciting activities for both professionals and beginners of all ages. Situated in the heart of the city just behind Abu Dhabi Mall and overlooking Al Maryah Island, you are now able to learn or practice your favorite watersports activity surrounded by the most beautiful sights of Abu Dhabi.

  • A blend of snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, wakeboarding involves the use of one wide board attached to the feet like in water skiing. Once you have ridden a wakeboard, there is a high chance you will become an addict!

    Hourly 450 AED

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  • A watersport that will give you pure adrenaline powered by reputed Watersport Boats. We promise you to make every session exciting. Striving to make your Wake surfing session fun and easy in the best still waters of Abu Dhabi.

    Hourly 550 AED

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  • One of the best low-intensity full-body workouts. Paddle up with friends and family while enjoying the panoramic views of the capital and absorbing the tranquility of the mangroves around the island of Al Reem.

    Hourly 100 AED

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  • There are countless benefits for Yoga; the most popular are relaxation and inner peace, muscle toning, and a better posture. What is better than practicing the sport? Jalboot invites you to try out our outdoor Yoga classes overlooking the water and the iconic Galleria, Al Maryah Island.

    Hourly 80 AED

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